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How Music and Dance can Help Heal the Heart

Join me on December 1st to explore the world of music and dance in order to help You find your inner voice and reconnect with your Soul.

Experience firsthand wisdom from dance and movement teachers, sound therapists, and artists explaining how their Art moves blocks within you.

Learn how you can reconnect with your Soul through the experiences shared.

Last but not least: Enjoy the abundance of Free Gifts generously offered by the Speakers participating in this event.

Meet your Speakers

Jennifer Hamady

The Fullness of Who you are

Janice Carlin

Finding your Soul Song

Volker Moritz

We are Water Moving on Land

Fredrike de Winter

Rhythm as a Guide to Joy

Sietske Vennema

To Dance is to be Alive


The Alchemy of Music

Meet Eveline Zwikker

Eveline Zwikker is an Oracle, Spiritual teacher, and Wayshower based in the Netherlands, who teaches highly sensitive women with self-esteem issues to realign with their soul and reclaim their power and divine gifts so that they can live empowered lives. By being a powerful channel and catalyst, Eveline lovingly guides her clients to their Authentic Self.